No Laptop Bummer Disk.

by Jon Brando

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The producing game is no joke. Especially when some asshole breaks into your studio and steals the laptop primarily utilized for said production.

Jon Brando (originally from Edmonton; but now residing somewhere in a north eastern section of North America) is a hip hop producer, broken down to the core level. We have someone who lives, eats, and sleeps beats. He drinks water. He understands where hip hop has come from and is not holding back on utilizing his talents to bring hip hop to new plateaus. His style is reminiscient of something Flying Lotus might dream up on the job if he worked as an insurance adjuster, and it bumps... akward at times, but always with purpose and declaration.

One stormy night, after Brando’s tool of sonic manipulation got jacked from the studio, the clouds parted ways to let the suns holy rays glimmer down from the heavens and rest their radiation atop his MPC 2000XL. It was no mere idiotic oversight of the mentally retarded thieves running Brando’s shit. It was destiny, for by leaving the MPC behind (perhaps the thiefs knew it would be too much for them), Jon Brando—a next level Canadian producer—would have all the tools he’d need to prepare the Instrumental masterpiece that is “No Laptop Bummer Disk.”

For the next two straight weeks, Brando toiled in his underground studio next to the Subway tracks, the dirty pads of his MPC lit only by his Technics 1200 cue lights. When the sampler was set to ‘record’, nothing could be heard but the isolated percussion of jam jars, coke cans, spraypaint cans, finger snaps, cutlery and the odd tongue manipulation. After those gritty two weeks, Jon B would emerge from the stale underground studio air with a Zip Disk in hand.

After establishing a collaboration with the true and mighty theme of the disk, “No Bummer Cut” (featuring a Bourgeois Cyborg from the Plague Language Collective known as Baracuda; a b-boy shaman comprising one half of Canada’s legendary SBU, a man named Conspiracy; and Takaba Records founder, Red Ant maestro himself, Modulok). These tracks—11 of the most stripped down, abstract, sparsely minimalistic instrumental hip hop mind levellers—would be passed to Neferiu Records for release.

The legendary story has been told. Now just fucking put it on the stereo while you spark one.


released November 2, 2010



all rights reserved


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