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    We also offer the official compilation CD with the individual tracks compiled into a mixed set by Neferiu founder: Mantrakid.

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    In addition to the digital download, we are also offering fans the official 10th Anniversary Compilation CD complete with high quality full color artwork & clear jewel case. The compilation CD is presented as an exclusively mixed DJ set by Neferiu founder: Mantrakid.

    Also includes immediate download of the unmixed 20-track album in your choice of high quality digital format.
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NEF130: Tendown. Twenty three to go. We are proud and honored to present this Neferiu Records 10th Anniversary Compilation featuring exclusive choice selections from the Neferiu family. No better way to get a perfect understanding of what Neferiu Records is all about and to see where we're headed with our sound.


Pulling my attaché case out from under the bus seat, I looked into the other man's eyes with a subdued fury. I hated that man. Everything about him made me want to spend a month working for minimum wage just so I could earn enough to buy a gun from that guy in a hoodie in the alley way behind Finnegans just so I could take shooting lessons so I'd be ready and capable to put a couple bullets through the forehead of his skull the next time I saw him. I'd never actually do anything like that, of course, but I thought about it from time to time.

I laid the attache case on my lap and looked down at the locks. My cracked, smoke stained fingers fumbled at the numbers in a focussed attempt at getting the correct combination on the first try. With a metallic 'click', I winced, flipped the locks back and opened the top of the case revealing the contents. I then rotated the case for the other man to see it. His eyes lit up for a second—a natural human response to seeing something so pure—but his reaction was quickly masked by years of business relationships and lucrative promotions based on deals-gone-right.

"How much?" he asked me. Knowing full well it wasn't for sale. I just looked at him and smiled. I closed the case deliberately, never taking my eyes off his. I had dreamed about this moment for 10 years—meticulously building a vision and making hard sacrifices just so I could stand up in front of him and turn away without a word. Knowing full well it wasn't for sale, I got up and walked towards you, ready to give it all up in exchange for your simple understanding. Please enjoy.


released July 2, 2010




Neferiu Records

Neferiu (neh-FAIR-ee-oo) Records holds dear a philosophy of integrity. We have been releasing music to the world since early 2000, and in that time we are honored to have helped expose over 50 amazing works of audio artwork to the world.

Our roots lie firmly within electronic & hip hop music with a tendency towards experimental-ism and the individual musician’s (as opposed to popular) influence.
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