This Shit is Mad Real

by Touch & Nato

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Touch and Nato, the most under-rated rap band of all time, has partnered up with Western Canada's iconic super label Neferiu Records to drop two of the most anticipated albums in Inglewood and 182 (and 93rd Avenue) history.

With the contractual details hammered out over the course of 54 text messages, and fortified with a firm cyber handshake, Neferiu is proud to announce that Touch will release a solo album entitled "Alienated" in August while Touch & Nato will follow it up with their second album as a duo.

What, exactly, does it mean now that Touch and Nato have teamed up with Neferiu Records?

In four words: They have a budget.

And in four more words - it is now gone.

Apparently some of the contract text messages were lost on the Telus network because it has been agreed that the entirety of Neferiu's profits from the last 10 years of operation have been devoted to securing a high profile guest feature spot from the Jedi Minds microphone handler known as Vinnie Paz.

Due to the unforseen loss of finances, we have decided the only way to get this track out is to drop it as a free download. Grab it today. And if you see any Neferiu execs busking on a local street corner, don't hesitate to throw them some change.

This Shit is Mad Real.


released June 2, 2010




Neferiu Records

Neferiu (neh-FAIR-ee-oo) Records holds dear a philosophy of integrity. We have been releasing music to the world since early 2000, and in that time we are honored to have helped expose over 50 amazing works of audio artwork to the world.

Our roots lie firmly within electronic & hip hop music with a tendency towards experimental-ism and the individual musician’s (as opposed to popular) influence.
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